Welcome to THE 39 STEPS.

We have devised a plan here which is designed to give you a great opportunity to make a lot of money!

Ideally you complete each step in one week, but you can probably achieve this much quicker.

Follow this system exactly as it is presented and you are guaranteed to make a fortune.

We estimate your income will be at least $1000 every day if you copy what we do.

Let's get you started.



Please put this website in your favourites first.

To get paid commission from the moneymaking plans in THE 39 STEPS, you will need to obtain accounts in these payment processors: PAYPAL, PAYZA, CLICKBANK, SOLID TRUST PAY, GOOGLE PAY and JVZOO.

If you have a gmail account then you can already use GOOGLE PAY. All the others can be searched for on your computer. This can be quite time consuming, but is vital for you to get paid.

Send a blank email to to get your FREE mailing lists.

You will receive a total of 19 mailing lists with 1250 people in each one.


We can now proceed to get you making some money. Our main plan is called FREEDOM DOLLAR.

We have chosen this because you can make money really fast with a very small outlay.

Just $1 per month is all it will cost you.

Your income can be over $25,000 every month if you just get 3 people on your first level and everyone below you does the same. When you join some of the other plans, we will promote your FREEDOM DOLLAR to visitors that we have purchased.

Here is the link to join.. FREEDOM DOLLAR

Make sure you purchase your ad packs each month as this is not automatic.



This is FREE and you can earn a reasonable amount of money.

You will not make a fortune from this, but you can earn enough to join the plans in our system.

Effectively, you can build your business without any up front fees


Time for you to promote your business to the world.

Start with VIRAL TRAFFIC RUSH. You get to put your banners here to advertise your programmes.

CLICK HERE to join.


Send your VIRAL TRAFFIC RUSH and FREEDOM DOLLAR links to us( and we will pay for 10,000 visitors to be sent to your FREEDOM DOLLAR link.

You must be a paid member in both plans to get this bonus.


Join CRAZY ABOUT BANNERS. You will get 2 banner ads and 2 text ads for life and entry in 2 x 20 matrix.

This will cost just $20 and we give you a FREE paid entry in MY COMLETE BUSINESS.

When you have paid to join CAB, join MCB as a FREE member.

Send both of your links to us at

We will pay for your MCB entry.

You will make a lot of money from these 2 plans and be able to advertise your other businesses.


It is now time for you to make some serious money.

Well you can with FOUR CORNERS ALLIANCE.

A small entry cost will enable you to earn over $500,000 very quickly.

And that is just for starters. CLICK HERE to sign up.

After you join FOUR CORNERS ALLIANCE we will send 10,000 visitors to your OH MY DOSH link.

Send us your FCA link and OMD link

We will take care of everything from here.